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Mark Finelli

Mark Finelli is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ certifricant by the Certified Financial Planner Board of stands, Inc. He has more than 20 years of experience developing portfolio management strategies designed to help clients achieve their financial goals.
Mark holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Rutgers University School of Business in Camden.
After 18 years of working in corporate America as a Financial Advisor Mark had a vision for what the ultimate client experience should be. That vision is exceptional service paired with Investment Management based on his extensive market knowledge, in a friendly environment where his clients are truly treated like family. The goal in establishing Family Wealth Partners is to achieve this vision.
Mark has been an Advisor for 20 years, yet he is only 42 years old. He has experience from the dot com bubble, the financial crisis and the 10 year bull market we are currently in. He earned his CFP® over ten years ago as well. The average advisor in our industry is in their 50’s at this time. Because of this Mark’s long tenure yet relatively young age is an advantage that will enable him to help guide clients for many more years.
In his spare time Mark coaches the Shawnee youth wrestling team and Medford Flag Football. He volunteers for the Mercy Home Foundation that houses and feeds disabled women living in the poorest conditions in India. Mark and his wife Lynne live in Medford, NJ with their daughter and two sons.

Mark Finelli has been a financial advisor for 20 years.  He has made a career of helping clients meet their financial goals.  In 2008 he attained the VERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERdesignation.  Clients love Mark because of his ability to decipher the complexities of the markets and explain them in  an understandable manner.  Mark is always reading and always studying to get better at the craft of financial planning.

Mark resides in Medford Lakes with his wife and three children.  When he is not working he enjoys the outdoors and woodworking.