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How you get there

Investing and Financial planning can be a challenging thing to do well because it is really a series of very long-term decisions. As a young investor it can be tough to really understand what “long term” means.

Client Centered

If I had invested $1000 and reinvested the dividends in the Dow Jones industrial average in 1993 (my freshman year in high school) it would now be worth over $17000 dollars! At that time, the Dow Jones was just over 3500 as I look at it today it is over 36000. Because the US economy continues to grow, and that the US population continues to grow there is no reason to think that over the next 25 years the markets will not continue to grow. Since 1993 we have had the Dot com Bubble, 9/11, the subprime mortgage crisis and Covid 19. We will have our challenging times along the way but if you build a financial plan and Invest for the long term you will be able to meet your goals.

At the same time people are living longer in retirement. It is not out of the question to retire at 65 and live to 90 that’s an additional 25 years of investing so its never to late to meet with a financial advisor.